When it comes to laksa – what’s your favourite?


Where laksa actually comes from originally is actually really tough to say believe it or not. Based on who seems to cook it the most, it may be a fusion of Chinese and Malaysian influences over the years that have combined historically to end up producing this sumptuous dish and all of its varieties.

Whilst there is a whole host of different types of laksa they can be organized into groups. First, there is two major ingredients in all laksas. They are white rice vermicelli and also a broth or soup that has spices through it. Second, the broth will either be a coconut milk based one or the other type will have a tamarind through it.

Singaporean laksa also known in the region as lemak laksa

Laksa is malaysias biggest and most notable icon when it comes to food. Although their food is wonderfully diverse, the laksa is probably their most common. It can be found simply every where from food stalls, to cafes and of course restaurants.

There are two major aspects to the peranakan type of laksa. They include the beehoon style rice, and also a coconut style broth with spices through it. One of the star attractions of this dish are the prawns. How big they are and how many the cook is willing to put in may make or break it for the foodie eating it. In addition, they are typically infused with cockle, chicken, fried bean curd, and even spicy cakes of fish. The absolute key ingredient that without it it just wouldn’t be laksa is the laksa leaf of course.

Enjoy laksa with a soup spoon style

Katong laksa is associated with a singaporean style of laksa. The most distinctive feature of this dish is the fine chopped rice based noodles which soak up the spicy broth and are ladled onto the chinese soup spoon. The eater will slurp the soup and enjoy the flavor before being able to chew up the lovely tender cooked noodles that have taken on a lot of the flavor as well. When compared side by side with Singaporean laksa variety, this one has a lighter and slightly creamier brothy soup. Though what is placed on top is a little more simple it is massively flavorsome. Basically on top of the soup-noodle base is placed fresh cooked prawn, cockle, and well prepared and chopped laksa leaf to give it that unique kick laksa lovers can’t get enough of.

Malaysia’s laksa specialty variety

In Malaysia laksa is also very well loved throughout the country there. It is, in short, one of the countries big food icons. Their one is Assam based. It is packed with flavor as well. These include sourness, sweetness, and mega spiciness. Using mackerel, tamarind and chilli, they produce a beautiful tasty gravy to have with it. This will be served with thick egg noodles kind of similar to the Japanese variety. One of the key flavor punches that can be found in this dish is the prawn paste, which provides a sweet over tone. Add to that sumptuous pine apple cubes, fresh chopped onions, ginger and mint.

And what about a touch of Kelantan laksa?

This carnation of laksa is a thick rice based noodle with a spicy gravy and over the top will be poured some nicely cut up cucumbers. The well prepared gravy is the most important aspect of this particular laksa dish. It is chunky, and cooked with minced up and well cooked mackerel fish. The great thing about this one is that it is a mild flavored dish. Not too spicy. This means that it can be well tolerated, even loved by children of all ages.